OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are a small group of volunteers who help to ease the suffering of abandoned, neglected and unwanted companion animals in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. All of our pets are cared for lovingly in volunteer foster homes with special focus on the rehabilitation and socialization required prior to adoption into responsible and loving forever homes.

We are a no-kill shelter
committed to providing the best possible care to our pets and have special interest in helping hard-to-place and feral animals to know happy and loving home environments. We strive to ensure the happiness and well-being of each animal on an individual basis, providing vet care, treatment, training and socialization in order to facilitate their adoptions into suitable homes.

Things To Know

  • The Pride Rescue has always had a soft spot for feral cats, many of which have been born outdoors and have known no kindness from humans.
  • Because feral cats have a great deal of experience behind them, many take some time to feel safe and secure in home settings.
  • Our volunteer foster homes work hard to help these cats to quickly develop trusting relationships with people, and to adjust these cats to the sights, sounds and routines of living indoors with families.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Many of our cats, kittens and ex-ferals need special families who have the time, patience and compassion to help these little souls to bond again in a new place with new people.
  • Some of our cats and kittens are not suitable to homes with children, needing the quiet, gentle encouragement of adult families who can give them personal space and time to become secure and develop into their loving purrrsonalities.