Ruffin’s Pet Centres, located at 581 Main Street East (Main & Sanford) in downtown Hamilton has welcomed Pride Rescue kitties into their store, and our little ones are always eager for visits from potential adopters! You can now enjoy meet and greets with our featured kittens in-store, where you can interact and play with the babies to see just who may make the purrfect fit for YOUR family! Be sure to stop in to visit the babies in-store, and to have all your pet care needs met by the kind and helpful store staff!

Black Kittens


Pride Rescue is now supporting and maintaining 18 colonies of feral/unowned cats, having taken on two more large colonies within the Hamilton area, in February 2015 we kicked off our “Spay It Forward” campaign to help with the mounting costs of caring for and providing spay and neuter services to these feral and stray cats. Since February, Pride Rescue volunteers have worked diligently at our two new colony locations, while continuing to support our other managed colonies, and we have been able to provide TNR (trap, neuter, return) services to 40 cats and kittens. Our work is still not done – at our two new colonies, we’re still working toward humanely trapping and spaying and neutering a number of feral young adult cats, working hard to prevent the births of more unwanted litters on our streets. We continue to set traps regularly, as we work toward providing spay and neuter services to all of the cats in these colonies.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                            OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As part of our work with feral and stray cats, our volunteers make daily effort to work with each of the cats at our feeding stations, we take with us treats of cooked meat, Temptations, and even toys as we work to get through to these cats, who have never known any kindness, that developing relationships with people can not only help them lead better day-to-day lives, but can also help them to reach brighter happier futures as well loved, indoor pets. It takes a great deal of time, dedication, compassion and kindness to work with these cats, and their slow progress is beautiful to watch as their fear turns to curiosity and acceptance, and then warmth and purrs as they become comfortable and feel safe with their feeders and care-givers. Some of our lucky ferals have “come around” and have been lucky enough to be welcomed into loving Forever Homes, saying a permanent good-bye to their difficult lives on the streets, and starting brand new lives as cherished family members !

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You can watch the progress of our work with our feral colonies by joining us on Facebook where we share photos, videos and frequent updates on all of the cats we are working with.


Ruby - Adopted

YOU can help us with our continued work with these feral and stray cats by making a contribution to our Spay It Forward Campaign via PayPal by visiting “You Can Help”


We are always thankful for donations of supplies for the cats we work with and to assist us in our Trap, Neuter, Return efforts :

  • canned & dry cat & kitten food
  • Temptations treats
  • cat nip & teaser toys
  • Feliway spray & diffusersPaisley (1)
  • Rescue Remedy drops
  • plastic grocery & garbage bags
  • Lysol spray & wipes
  • bleach
  • antibacterial dish soap
  • unwanted cat carriers and humane traps
  • unwanted sheets, towels and pillow cases

All of these items can help in our trapping efforts and in the day-to-day care of the cats within our colonies.

Donations of care items and supplies can be dropped off to Ruffin’s Pet Centre, located at 581 Main Street East (Main & Sanford) in downtown Hamilton, and will go directly toward the care of cats and kittens in need!


We are always in search of new foster homes to help us save even more lives!

foster (2)Pride Rescue will provide for all veterinary needs, and can provide food and litter if needed for the care of foster pets – if you have a little room and a lot of love to share, YOU can help save lives, too!

If YOU would like to become part of our life-saving team, please submit a foster application today at Foster Application