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As many of our friends and followers are aware, we here at Pride Rescue have always had a soft spot for feral cats! We have worked with feral and street cats for many years, and take part in and support the implementation of T.N.R (trap, neuter, return) programs for unowned “Community Cats” in order to control and reduce the population of homeless cats trying to survive on our city streets.

Over the years, Pride Rescue has assisted to provide spay/neuter/vaccinate/return services to many unowned cats and kittens, and we currently support and maintain 18 colonies of community cats within the Hamilton/Dundas/Burlington areas, helping on-site colony caretakers to provide adequate shelter, food and protection for the cats, as well as providing support and funding to ensure all newcomers to these colonies are also provided with spay/neuter/vaccinate/return.
Proper colony management and care ensures that no further breeding takes place within these colonies, ending the cycle of suffering, and working to reduce the number of homeless community cats in our city. 
Pride Rescue will be taking an even closer look at the community cats in our city moving forward, continuing to maintain the colonies of cats under our direct care, and working with a number of new colony caretakers that have sought out assistance to gain control of and manage the number of cats at each location.
We are in the early planning stages of another amazing “Spay it Forward” campaign, and will be launching some fund-raising initiatives soon to assist in raising funds to provide spay/neuter/vaccinate and other essential veterinary services for the cats in need this spring.

Please be sure to stay tuned on our Facebook page for ongoing updates and information,


Thanks to the amazing assistance of the Hamilton Burlington SPCA, Pride Rescue is able to provide cost-effective T.N. R (trap, neuter, return) services for community cats, and you can help by making a donation to our spay/neuter fund!

Each $45 will provide spay or neuter, vaccinations, Revolution treatment, microchip and ear-tip identification for one community cat, and small donations add up very quickly!
You can make a donation directly to the Pride Rescue’s account at the Hamilton Burlington SPCA by calling Michelle MacNab at 905 574-7722 ext.303
All donations made to our spay/neuter fund at the Hamilton Burlington SPCA will be provided with a tax receipt, and will help to end the cycle of suffering and overpopulation in our city.

THANK YOU so much for helping us to help community cats in need!


Due to the time constraints of caring for family members with serious health issues, Pride Rescue is currently seeking to find loving Forever Homes for the cats who remain in our adoption program, but is no longer accepting new cats at this time.
As a rescue who has worked with shelter cats, as well as feral and “street” cats (Community Cats), we still have cats in foster care who are being socialized and prepared for the transition into loving, adoptive homes, as a result, cats will continue to be added to our adoption listings as they reach good health, and/or reach a level of socialization that will allow them to bond with caring families and to become the cherished companions they so richly deserve to be.

If you are seeking assistance for a cat in need, please visit Petfinder.com to obtain a list of local shelter and rescue groups in your area, and please continue to reach out for assistance on behalf of the pet in need – we can not thank you enough for working to help save a life!


Pride Rescue is currently seeking the aassistance of cat lovers in our community to open their homes to community cats in need.

Pride Rescue is currently gearing up to provide T.N.R (trap, neuter, return) services at 3 new colony locations, and we require community assistance to provide safe and comfortable housing for community cats who are recovering from their spay/neuter surgeries before being re-released at their colony locations. 

The foster duration for each recovery period will be 7-10 days in most cases, however in some cases cats will require treatment or recovery in excess of the norm. should treatment for illness or injury be required to ensure the best possible health of the cat before he or she is safely re-released. 

Most of the cats who require assistance are poorly socialized and do not enjoy human interaction, interested fosters should understand these cats are not suitable adoption candidates, and will need to be treated with respect and caution at all times during the recovery process. 

If you can help by providing a safe recovery foster home for community cats in need, please select the link below to submit a foster application.

Foster Application

THANK YOU for helping us to help community cats in need!